Excellence in Facility Design

National Aquatic Industry Safety Awards

This Award recognises individuals, organisations or Aquatic Facilities who have made a difference or innovative approach to swimming pool, or facility design in an Aquatic Facility. ​

Nominations may be from an owner or operator of an aquatic facility, architects, designers, builders or local governments, employees or contractors who are part or fully responsible for the design or redesign of an Aquatic Facility


For entry into this category submissions should answer the following:

Describe how the Aquatic Facility was designed and/or developed in consultation with Aquatic Facility Staff

How does the design and/or build meet or exceed the design sections of the Guidelines for Safe Pool Operations and Australian Standards

What safety, health, sustainability or environmental benefits are demonstrated in the Facility design or development?

What evidence is there to demonstrate there has been an impact to health and safety and customer satisfactions with the design or build?