National Aquatic Industry Safety Awards
Excellence in Supervision
Annette (Annie)
Cook + Phillip Park, Sydney
Belgravia leisure, Sydney
Nominated By:
Contact Details
4 College st

Annie has been working within my team for the last 3 years, first as a colleague and after (when I became the Team leader and Coordinator) she was mainly on deck supervising


Annie is Aborigine and she had a rough past however this did not stop her to change her life around and became an amazing instructor and supervisor. She guides the team like a mum and helps everyone to become a better teacher.

Future Plans

Annie has been growing within the industry and I believe she will grow even more by becoming the team leader or coordinator of a swimming program

What it means

To Annie winning this award would mean the world. She loves the kids she teacher (her passion are inclusion kids), she loves the team, the pool... I believe she would feel like her hard work payed off

Criteria 1

Describe how the nominee has provided a contribution to their community / industry in Supervision

Criteria 2

Describe (and provide evidence) of improvements and/or achievements made in Supervision over the past 12-18 months

Criteria 3

Describe how the nominee has shown commitment to aquatic safety through Supervision

Criteria 4

Describe what barriers have been encountered by the nominee in Supervision and how have they been overcome

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