National Aquatic Industry Safety Awards
Excellence in Customer Service
Aquazone at Lake Mulwala trading as Aquazone @lakemulwala
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Yarrawonga Foreshore
Hunt Steet

Deb North the Founder of Aquazone @ Lake Mulwala. An inflatable obstacle course situated on the open waterway of Lake Mulwala in Yarrawonga Victoria on the Border of NSW and Victoria.

Deb's Aquatic Industry Experience is extensive, having operated a private learn to swim school from the Corowa Swimming Pool in 2005, to then taking on the managment of the Corowa Swimming Pool expanding aquatic and career opportunities for the Corowa and surround communities from 2013.

On November 11 2016, Aquazone @lakemulwala opened. The 1st of its Kind in Victoria, and Regional Australia.

Deb and her collaborative Team are dedicated to the provision of outstanding Aquatic Adventure in Regional Australia.

Aquazone @lakemulwala, was the dream child of 15 individuals, wanting to make a difference. Wanting to create an opportunity and provide a legacy to the region in which they live. These people took a risk and financed it's creation.


Yarrawonga is a lakeside community, on the border of NSW and Victoria. Sharing the waterway with their sister city Mulwala in NSW. Famous for water sports, the combined towns with a linked population of 9,500 people support the greater Murray Region with regard to various aquatic activities from fishing to boating / sailing, water skiing, to swimming, just to name a few.

Aquatic Tourism is one of the main income sources for this region, and as such the inception of Aquazone @lakemulwala has had a direct impact on the local economy, and the career opportunities of local youth.

We are proud to be a part of making a definite difference in Regional Australia, and a local rural community by bringing a touch of "Gold Coast Attraction" to country Australia.

Future Plans

Our plans include, the expansion and development of the Yarrawonga Facility, with a view to Yarra always being at the cutting edge of new design's and attraction features will include:
1: Industry Recognition for our Team via: Royal Life, State and National Award Opportunities
2: Additional Adventure Modules achievable through corporate partnerships and self investment.
2018/2019 Current.
3: Expansion to other sites. - We currently have approval for Shepparton and are in the process of
raising Capital for this venture. 2018/2019 Current.
*We have been invited to tender for other opportunities within Regional Australia.
4: Implementation of an on-line merchandise store. 2018/2019 Current.
5: Develop and enhance educational program opportunity with local Schools, Universities and
Tafe Colleges

What it means

What would it mean to you to win this award!:
If you were asked, "what would it mean to win the pot of gold" or perhaps "The Gold Ticket" to enter Charlies Chocolate Factory would give you some idea of what it would mean to win this award.

We are a start up-company. In only a few short months we are recognised as industry leaders, while we paddle fervently beneath the surface.

Our success is purely the result of the incredible employees within it. National Recognition of their direct contribution is what they each deserve.

I cannot express enough, how talented and committed this Team is to EXCELLENCE.

As an employer, I am blessed. They deserve more than I can give.

Criteria 1

Describe how the nominee has provided a contribution to their community / industry in Customer Service

Having traded a total of 2 Summer Seasons, the driving force of Aquazone at Lake Mulwala is to ‘provide the most unique aquatic adventure experience in the Border Region’. Passion for family aquatic adventure supports people of all ages and abilities, from as young as 5yr to the young at heart at 85yrs.

Our company values underpin the culture surrounding Customer Service:
• Integrity ‘get it right. Just do it Right’

Ensuring safety standards and daily practices reflect their intention.
• Passion ‘Love what we do and the adventure we offer’

Enable systems that are effective and cutting edge while our service standards reinforce and enhance the patron experience from initial enquiry through registration to completing their session.
• Innovation ‘grasp new ideas and change’

Empowering our Team to implement concepts and ideas that provide solutions to issues that impact our Customer, or Employees in the delivery of service.
• Fun “it’s what we do”

Embrace processes for activities that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities.
• Kiss, “Keep It Simply Safe”

Criteria 2

Describe (and provide evidence) of improvements and/or achievements made in Customer Service over the past 12-18 months

C2Being a start-up company with a total of only 46 weeks of “seasonal” trading life under our belts, everything we do daily is with the intention to lever ourselves as industry leaders.

Leading by example from Business Planning to Social Media interaction. Our moto from concept to creation is “everything we do today is for tomorrow”.

In 2017 on the conclusion of only 23 weeks of trade Aquazone @lakemulwala was awarded:

• Moira Shire; Excellence in Tourism / Hospitality 2017

• Albury/Wodonga Business Awards: Finalist in Excellence in Hospitality and Tourism 2017

• RACV Victoria Tourism Awards: Finalist (4th in the State of Victoria) 2017

Additional Recognition:

2018 Moira Shire - Queens Baton Relay: AZ Lifeguard Team supported Moria Shire on the water front of the foreshore during the prestigious Baton Relay. 2017

2017-2018 Mulwala Ski Club: AZ Lifeguards support the supervison of patron’s during Club Mulwala’s Ski shows. 2017 and 2018

2017 Wendy Lovell MP: Ms Lovell, thanked Aquazone @lakemulwala for our dedication and service to community.
2018 Victoria Police (Yarrawonga): Commending and nominating 2 Aquazone Lifeguards for Bravery after the successful rescue of a 19 yr. old gentleman who was at imminent risk of loss of life through drowning. The incident occurred outside of the Aquazone exclusion zone in a sheltered part of Lake Mulwala, during the Lifeguards shift. They were alerted via a bystander seeking assistance. The Female Lifeguards were aged 15 and 17 yrs. at the time of the rescue.

Criteria 3

Describe how the nominee has shown commitment to aquatic safety through Customer Service

Patron SAFETY and EDUCATION is the Number 1 priority of the organisation, coming well above customer satisfaction.
At the commencement of each season, our Risk Matrix is reconsidered to ensure the most important aspects of patron safety are considered and any changes required are implemented prior to operation:

• Supervision positions,
• Supervision challenges,
• Identifiable risk locations
• high traffic areas
• blind spots,
• rotation systems for Lifeguards,
• Inhouse Fitness and Skill Training (twice weekly)
• Compulsory Safety Briefing by all patrons
• suitable behaviours ie no flips of any nature anywhere on the park.
• Lifejacket fit and condition
• Equipment for Team
• Zero Tolerence Policy for Safety Breaches
• Terms and Conditions known and understood by all Team Members
• Marketing Solutions


Our young Team ranges in age from 14 years to Adult. They are intensively trained in customer service standards and provide cross role support.
Each employee is capable of stepping into any role whether ticket bookings, lifejacket fitting, or supervision.

ALL Team members hold a Lifesaving and 1st Aid Qualification:
• Bronze Medallion
• Inland Waterways
• Pool Lifeguard

Criteria 4

Describe what barriers have been encountered by the nominee in Customer Service and how have they been overcome

We must LOVE the Hard!!

High risk, seasonal business, in Regional Australia! YEP WE DO!!

Every business has barriers, however an inflatable challenge course on black water (zero / low underwater visibility) in the line of flow on the Murray River in Lake Mulwala, in the holiday hot spot of Yarrawonga, has very specific set of challenges.

Considerations included are outlined in the attached documents.