National Aquatic Industry Safety Awards
Excellence in Supervision
Leisurelink Aquatic and Recreation Centre
CIty of Greater Geelong
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240 Pioneer Road
Waurn Ponds

Dylan has only been with CoGG for a few years but is now seen as one of the senior lifeguards that new staff look to for support. Each year we have our annual intake for new lifeguards that go through a series of inductions and shadow shifts so they are confident to perform their duties. Reflecting back on his recruitment Dylan saw an opportunity to further enhance their introduction into lifeguarding and mentored them with his own experiences. From a coordinators point of view it was quite evident of the staff that Dylan had taken under his wing. I could see new staff who are normally quite shy and lacking confidence being able to approach some difficult situations.


Leisurelink is located at 240 Pioneer Rd Grovedale. The centre is amongst other suburbs such as Waurn Ponds, Armstrong Creek, Highton, Belmont and Mt Duneed. At the 2016 census, Grovedale and these surrounding suburbs had a combined population of 61,466. By 2021, the census has projected Grovedale and these surrounding suburbs to have a population of 70,565.
This is an increase of 14.80%. With these suburbs being some of the highest growth areas in the Greater Geelong region.

Future Plans

With Dylan working towards becoming an accountant outside of his lifeguard career, he has an appreciation for detail in incident reporting. All of his incident reports will be completed thoroughly with complete detail not only about the incident itself, but any follow up actions. This is what separates Dylan from the average lifeguard; he will look further into how the incident occurred, what the leading factors were and what actions we as a centre could take to minimize the risk of the incident occurring again. From this he will then present this to the supervisor.

What it means

It would be only fitting. Dylan's work has left a lasting impact on both staff and visitors who use the centre.

As they say, a picture is worth a 1000 words.

Leisurelink's Facebook post about Dylan is the pages most liked social media post, from a parent praising his interactions. The comments that followed the post clearly cements how many families have appreciated Dylan’s friendly approach at engaging with them.

Things like this show how truly valuable Dylan is as a Lifeguards and as a person.

Criteria 1

Describe how the nominee has provided a contribution to their community / industry in Supervision

Dylan always greets our members by their name and has developed great rapport with a large number of them. The rapport that Dylan has built stems from his great integrity and willingness to follow-up issues or questions that members or guests have. This is a testament to his values and morals as a person.

When chatting to kids, Dylan always gets down on their level and speaks to them in a respectful and friendly manner. He engages with them and the kids love it, so much so that kids will often walk past Dylan before they go home and give him a high-five.
Dylan’s ability to interact to interact with people from different ages, nationalities and backgrounds is what makes him such an effective lifeguard, as communication is key.

Criteria 2

Describe (and provide evidence) of improvements and/or achievements made in Supervision over the past 12-18 months

Dylan’s exceptional work certainly doesn’t go unnoticed and was nominated for an internal employee award in which he was successful:

I have regularly been receiving feedback about how great of a job Dylan is doing whilst working as a Lifeguard.
Dylan’s vigilance with the Watch Around Water policy is sublime, he is always ensuring children and their families are having a safe and enjoyable experience whilst in our facility.
Dylan has developed into a leader in the workplace, mentoring newer staff and helping provide guidance in difficult situations.
Other staff members have mentioned to me, ‘When I rotate on to a pool I have full confidence that all children are safely being supervised by their parent/guardian.’

Criteria 3

Describe how the nominee has shown commitment to aquatic safety through Supervision

Dylan’s approach to lifeguarding is simple –Why react to incidents from occurring when we can prevent them entirely. As he sees patrons walking onto pool deck Dylan is already profiling them before they get into the water, are they a regular? Do they know the depths of the pools? With this proactive approach he will then have a brief chat to the patrons educating them on pool safety and the best pool to use for their swimming ability.

In an effort to keep his skills up to date Dylan will attend numerous internal training sessions throughout the year. Not only will Dylan attend the sessions but he will also assist with running them in an effort to help his fellow colleagues and share his knowledge.

Criteria 4

Describe what barriers have been encountered by the nominee in Supervision and how have they been overcome

Lifeguards can face many barriers on a day-to-day basis in regards to supervision, with things such as glare, weak swimmers, parents not providing adequate supervision of their children etc.

What separates Dylan and makes him such a fantastic Lifeguard is his ability to recognise these potential barriers and quickly adapt, be best overcome them.
Things such as:
-Continually moving around pool deck to ensure he can see all parts of the pool if there is any glare on the water.
-Educating swimmers on areas and depths suitable for their swimming ability.
-Developing rapport with parents to ensure their children remain adequately supervised and as safe as possible around water.