GSPO Account Managers

This section of the Aquatic Industry Safety Hub is for Account Managers. It provides a range of information and links for you to manage your GSPO Account. A summary of the key information is below:

View you Subscribers

Account Managers can view thier Subscribers anytime throughout the year through by clicking on thier Account Name. You will be directed to your Account Subscribers and will required to enter your Account Password to view the details.

GSPO Accounts

Account Managers will be Invoiced each year by the 1st of August. Account Managers will have thirty days (30) to pay before thier Account is suspended. Accounts will be reactivated upon payment.

Annual Invoicing will also require the Account Manager to confirm or make changes to all subscription details.

GSPO Discussion Portal

Account Managers also have specific access to the GSPO discussion portal upon request. This discussion portal is where the National Aquatic industry Safety Committee and Account Managers can have robust discussion online about draft guidelines and subscriber feedback.

News and Events

Account Managers are able to submit news items, events and job postings at any time throughout the year.

GSPO Account Names




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