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Why is there a GSPO?

The need to manage aquatic risks in Hotels, Motels, Camping and Caravan Grounds, Commercial and Public Aquatic Facilities and Learn to Swim Schools, is becoming increasingly demanding for aquatic facility owners or operators. Ensuring these owner or operators are ably to comply with an increasingly complex regulatory framework and best practice may require specialist knowledge that is not available internally or is provided by an independent external governing body. The formulation and implementation of risk management and occupational health and safety is essential to maintaining an efficient and safe aquatic environment. The operation of an aquatic facility is a highly involved process. An operator is responsible for not only the health and safety of his or her employees, but also the public. This involves ensuring safe work processes are undertaken across all facets of the facility

What is the Guidelines for Safe Pool Operations

The Guidelines for Safe Pool Operations (widely known as the GSPO) is a set of best practice policies and resources for owners or operators swimmings pools in Australia.

Who is the GSPO written for?

The Guideline for Safe Pool Operations apply to all Hotels, Motels, Camping and Caravan Grounds, Commercial and Public Aquatic Facilities, Health and Education Facilities and Learn to Swim Schools which have aquatic environments for the purpose of swimming or recreating.
​The Guidelines for Safe Pool Operations have been designed to assist owners and operators of aquatic facilities. These Guidelines provide practical guidance for owners or operators of aquatic facilities vital water safety information for a variety of aquatic environments found throughout Australia. They are widely adopted by Commonwealth, State and Territory and Local Governments and owners and operators of facilities with aquatic environments throughout Australia. They also contains invaluable information for Local Government, Facility Owners, Architects, Engineers, Duty Managers and Pool Lifeguards

How is the GSPO developed?

The Guidelines have been developed by Royal Life Saving Society Australia under the guidance of the National Aquatic Industry Safety Committee. It is supported by a strong research and development agenda and represents the collective opinion of the aquatics industry across Australia through its development process.

What is the legal context of the GSPO?

In Australia there are currently numerous documents in place to regulate and guide swimming pool operations. Operators of aquatic facilities are charged with a responsibility for public and occupational health and safety and they must work within a diverse web of standards, State legislation and industry best practice. The RLSSA Guidelines for Safe Pool Operation (GSPO) brings the requirements of these documents together to form a single, easy-to-read and interpret document that assists facility operators to fulfill their responsibilities. In terns of Lifeguard and Aquatic Supervision the aquatics industry is largely unregulated and the GSPO is a widely used and prime point of reference for the legal community when issues go to civil and coronial investigations in a judicial setting.

How often is the GSPO updated?

The Guidelines for Safe Pool Operations work on a continuous improvement cycle.

How much does the GSPO cost?

The Guidelines for Safe Pool Operations are a online subscription based service provided by RLSSA. All Subscriptions for the Guidelines for Safe Pool Operations begin on the 1st of September and finish on the 31st of August the following year. A Single Subscription is $99