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A New Vision for Hamilton

In a bold, proactive and exciting move, two Hamilton Clubs, each with a proud history of swimming, have agreed to combine their resources and operations across Hamilton for the good of the sport.

The decision to bring the independent swimming clubs of Ace and Hillcrest together has been a process of consultation and discussion over the last 18 months, culminating in overwhelming support of the concept at last weekend’s Special General Meetings of the two clubs.

The respective Club Presidents, Ace Swimming Club’s Edward Hardie and Hillcrest’s Kieran McCarthy, are excited about the opportunities this merger will offer. “It’ll create an opportunity to look at how the new combined entity can better encourage and deliver aquatic opportunities across Hamilton. A real focus will be on ensuring all club members have the opportunity to achieve their swimming goals, no matter what they might be.”

Club members are open minded about possible structures going forward and a working party, charged with developing and implementing the changes, will draw on internal and external resources as they set up the new entity that will enable a significant change in the provision of aquatic opportunities across Hamilton. It is currently expected that the new entity will take 6 months to be formally set up with some gains in combined cooperation between the Clubs expected before then.

“Our vision is that the new entity will not only deliver an excellent swimming programme, but will offer opportunities for fitness and water skills, while also catering for the performance end of the sport”, says Edward Hardie.

“Without doubt”, says Hillcrest’s Kieran McCarthy, “this is a hugely exciting time for swimming in the Waikato. When we take into account this opportunity, and factor in the significant upgrade of the Waterworld facility, which will provide one of the best competitive and training facilities in New Zealand, we’re confident that the new club will play a significant role in growing the profile of swimming, both in the Waikato and in New Zealand.

Details courtesy of Swimming NZ

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