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National Aquatic Industry Workforce Profile Released

Royal Life Saving has published a National Aquatic Industry Workforce Profile, on behalf of the National Aquatic Industry Safety Committee (NAISC), which provides an insight into the aquatic workforce around Australia.

The Profile is based on data collected and collated from the National Aquatic Industry Workforce Survey, carried out from April to June 2019. It highlights the typical characteristics of the aquatic industry as a whole as well as current trends relating to the key paid roles that make up the industry.

It provides a snapshot of specific demographic information for each role, such as education and training, working hours and employment status, salary and years of service within the industry.

This Profile forms one component of the National Aquatic Industry Workforce Development Project, which aims to:

  • Achieve and share a greater insight and understanding of the aquatic industry workforce

  • Build the capacity and capability of the aquatic industry workforce

  • Support the development of a strong, sustainable and responsive aquatic industry

The next stage of the Project involves analysing the data further to focus on worker’s experiences, attitudes and judgements on work-related issues such as professional development and workplace culture and values. Together with information gathered from focus group sessions and one-to-one interviews with industry representatives, this will inform the design of the Workforce Development Plan.

The primary focus of this Plan will be to guide all stakeholders in aligning efforts and taking action to ensure the industry has the requisite staff, capabilities and resources to meet client and community needs and respond to ongoing change.

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