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Pool lifeguards save boy from near drowning

TOOWOOMBA lifeguards have been praised for saving a 10-year-old boy who was pulled lifeless from a public swimming pool.

Stunned patrons at the Milne Bay Aquatic Centre witnessed guards carrying the boy from an indoor pool on Tuesday.

Paramedics were called to the Victoria St centre at 12.34pm.

Toowoomba mother Julie Robinson was with her children for a school holiday swim when the incident occurred.

"I was at the canteen at the time and just happened to hear the lifeguards blowing the whistle," Mrs Robinson said.

It was not the usual sound of the disciplinary whistle.

"They blew the whistle quite loud and quick so it was a different type of signal."

She turned to see lifesavers had pulled the boy from an indoor pool and had him lying on a deck.

"They were checking for a breath and he didn't have anything so they commenced CPR."

Patrons were ushered from the indoor area towards the outdoor pool area while paramedics continued the work started by lifeguards.

"It was quite traumatic."

Mrs Robinson said Milne Bay staff performed outstandingly. "The managers and people running the show were fantastic.

"Their professionalism in dealing with this situation was amazing."

Paramedics took the boy to Toowoomba Hospital but he has since been discharged.

The incident also highlighted the importance of teaching children to swim.

"I also would like to stress to everyone the importance of having swimming lessons.

"No matter how young or old your child is, it is never too late to start lessons."

"My three children are aged 13, 11 and 6 and all have had lessons and continue to do so."

A Toowoomba Regional Council spokeswoman said Milne Bay staff members were receiving counselling.

"While staff are professionally trained to handle these matters, this has been a traumatic incident and they are receiving the appropriate support," the spokeswoman said.

Extra staff had been rostered on for Tuesday because of the expected hot weather.

"...with two 30+ degree days earlier in the week and the school holidays the centre has been very busy."


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