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Swim Parka offers an alternative to aquatic centre changing rooms

With current restrictions on patrons using aquatic centre changing rooms, the Great Aussie Swim Parka offers swimmers the ability to change in their own space.

A towel lined coat that dries swimmers when wet, the Great Aussie Swim Parka keeps wearers warm and car seats dry, meaning swimmers can bypass facility changerooms to then shower at home.

Advising that that her creation is a sensible solution during these new times of social distancing, Great Aussie Swim Parkas founder Cindy Mitchell explains that amid current uncertainties people want to keep swimming, advising “people want their routines as much as possible and a Swim Parka makes it easier for them to keep swimming, now more than ever.

“A swim parka means they can get in and out the swim centre quickly and in comfort.”

Looking beyond Coronavirus restrictions to when facility change rooms are open for business as usual, Mitchell suggests that swimmers may still want to get in and out of centres as quickly as possible, noting “the ramifications of COVID will be with us for a long time to come. Simple things like a Swim Parka can ease peoples’ anxiety about getting back into the water if they know they can enjoy their swim and then zip up and go.”

With cotton towel lining, Great Aussie Swim Parkas keep wearers particularly comfortable from top to bottom with their fitted hood and extra-long length. Car seats will stay dry as the soft polyester outer shell has been treated to ensure that not a drop of water seeps through. Great Aussie Swim Parkas are available in sizes ranging from a childs size 2 through to adults 3XL.

After working with swim schools over the past 10 years, Mitchell understands that not all swim centres are able to carry stock - so she doesn’t ask them to. Instead, Great Aussie Swim Parkas operate an affiliate marketing program with Mitchell aiming to make the purchasing and supply process as streamlined as possible, while ensuring that swimmers receive a quality garment at a great price.

Great Aussie Swim Parkas also offer the option of wholesale orders.

Click here to contact Great Aussie Swim Parkas via their entry in the Australasian Leisure Management Supplier Directory.

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