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TAE40116 Upgrade Information

From 1st April 2019 the credential requirements for trainers and assessors change.

In order to continue delivering AQF accredited training there are two options for Trainers/Assessors - and for the RTOs that use their services:

Option 1: Meet the new credential requirements for TAE40110 by gaining the two new core units:

  • TAEASS502 Design and develop assessment tools

  • TAELLN411 Address adult language, literacy and numeracy skills

By doing this the Trainer/Assessor will receive a Statement of Attainment for these two units. They will be able to continue training/assessing after 1st April 2019 but will not have achieved TAE40116.

Option 2: Upgrade from TAE40110 to TAE40116. This requires completion of the two new core units, listed above, and upgrading of the two units that were deemed ‘not equivalent’. The units are:

  • TAEASS401 Plan assessment activities and processes (previously TAEASS401B)

  • TAEASS403 Participate in assessment validation (previously TAEASS403B)

The upgrade can be done via an RPL process and there are various providers offering an RPL upgrade course/process. It typically requires providing the following evidence:

  • Your TAE40110 qualification and transcript of units

  • Evidence that you have participated in recent professional development to improve your skills as a trainer, assessor or learning designer

  • 3 assessment plans and associated instruments

  • An assessment validation report

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