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What to Provide for New Customers

Although the delivery of swimming lessons is paramount to the success of a swim school the other most important thing for a swim school is customer service. This is most importantly delivered to the parents and carers, especially if they are new to the world of swimming lessons.

Always provide an information pack for parents and carers, whether it is an email or printed out. Have this information clearly available so it can be referred to for parents and carers (and other staff). Place yourself and your swim school into the shoes of the parent or carers, remember they are investing in their child’s development and learning. A positive experience for the parents and carers will result in great business for you.

Begin with “About Us” – Introduce your swim school to the reader and include “Why us”, why should the reader choose your swim school.

Include Frequently Asked Question - such as the following.

(talk to your staff and add some of your own)

  • What should I bring?

  • Do I have to get in the water?

  • How much do lessons cost?

  • When will my lesson be?

  • How can I best contact the swim school?

  • How many levels does the swim school have?

  • When will my child be assessed?

  • How will I understand the progression of my child?

Although you want to provide the important information to your new customers don’t make it too long-winded, parents and carers are busy. If they have questions they will ask and they will expect answers to their questions, so ensure your staff have the correct and consistent information.

Make sure the information is easy to read as well, keep it simple.

Being open with your swim school's information will encourage business and help the community understand how you run. ‘Word-of-mouth’ amongst parent and carer groups is a very powerful thing and a great avenue for marketing.

You will always have to answer questions from parents and carers but if you have this information at-hand it will reduce repeating this information and increase great customer service to your community.

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